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  1. Anomaly #11- 2013 - graphite, ink on paper - 60” x 40” - by Laura Stack

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    See more of Laura’s artwork on her website:

    Artist Statement - Anomaly Series - Mixed Media Drawings on Paper

    I am inspired by the intersection of contrasting dualities: nature/technology,  beauty/ugliness, realism/fantasy, chance/exactitude. These dichotomies propel my work and inform my approach. In my process, simple materials - graphite and ink – combine in both intricately drawn, complex forms and spontaneous ink pours. The results evoke undulating plant life, bulbous human organs, and architectural structures. These images morph into odd, though vaguely familiar forms that challenge the boundary between fact and fiction. For the viewer, my mixed media drawings may appear at once familiar and otherworldly.

    My interest in science and nature continually guide the work. Arising out of notions of embodiment and causality, my work provides an alternative approach to the scientific objectification of nature. My hope is that the viewer will get up-close to the drawings and sense the very touch of the liquid swell, spongy surfaces, and dried pools of ink suggesting flux and flow of these indeterminate forms. 

    Laura Stack



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