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  1. "Striped Orb", gouache on watercolor paper, 12" x 9" by Laura Stack. . Available at my Etsy site


  2. a decellularized “ghost” heart

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  3. greenesean:

    Lauren Silva


  4. What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.

    Pablo Picasso #GivingTuesday 

    Discover ways to give to the Museum here:

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  5. "Synthetic Drip’ by Laura Stack
    Gouache on watercolor paper, 11” x 11”
    Available on Etsy

    One of my small paintings from the “Synthetic” series.
    See my larger paintings from the “Synthetic” series on my website


  6. artslant:

    YES! Our editors met up for Indian following the Whitney Biennial to discuss its surprises, the best in show, and its disappointments. check out that convo here:

    (art: Molly Zuckerman-Hartung,  Notley, 2013) 


  7. willkimart:

    The Right of the Strongest - by Will Kim
    Animated with Vine Charcoal on Paper

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  8.  ”Anomaly #9” by Laura Stack
    Graphite, walnut ink, gouache on watercolor paper - 55” x 40”

    Images: Top - Laura at work in the studio
                  bottom - Detail of Anomaly #9


  9. sfmoma:

    As you all most likely know by now, President Obama made an offhand remark this week that manufacturing work is possibly more lucrative than pursuing work in the arts. Seems like a good moment to remember the profound role that the arts play in fostering creativity and innovation!
    How have you put your arts education to work?


  10. sfmoma:



    It was a fast strange time and we worked in fast strange ways

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